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Do You Have an Emergency?

With a few unusual exceptions, Dr. Steve believes that medical emergencies cannot be treated at home. That's why we have emergency hospitals!

If your pet has any of the following problems, don't reach for the phone. Take your pet directly to an animal hospital for assistance:

• Major trauma (hit by car, animal attack, etc.)
• Uncontrollable bleeding
• Labored, open-mouthed or raspy breathing
• Sudden disorientation, weakness or stupor
• Seizures, fainting or loss of consciousness
• Frequent vomiting, regurgitation or gagging
• Male cat or male dog straining to urinate
• Snake, spider or insect bite
• Whelping, kittening, or any other birthing problem
• Ingestion of drugs, poisons, toxic plants

Here's a map of 24-hour and after-hours emergency veterinary hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Click on the map for additional information, including hospital names, addresses, phone numbers & directions:

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